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New Original Tunes, Pictures, Etc.

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Can a Mandolin Rock?    (Tim answers the musical question … emphatically!)
Bass – Ben Piner, Drums – Bill Gracie

Look It Up   (the mandolin maniac’s first rap recording to date … and probably last)

More and Newer original songs are posted on Tim’s myspace page! Also his facebook page.

Tim’s music videos are hosted by youtube:

Can a Mandolin Rock?

Raw Power

Same Old Song and Dance

Louie Louie

Love is the Drug

Tim rocks the mandolin in his original 1960 surfer sunglasses — 
“Gort!  Klatu virada nicto!”  (sci-fi movie reference … Look It Up!)

The Mandolin Maniac in 1960 Sunglasses

Tim Jams on the Old 12-String at the Lake - 2002
The Mandolin Maniac playing the old Epiphone 12-string for fun at a company picnic at Independence Lake in 2002.  Sometimes songs by The Byrds predominate when the 12-string is “in play” (naturally!).